Saturday, January 7, 2012

oils and hair growth

I am confused by the recipe in the previous post about the use of castor oil with the stinging nettle seeds for topical reduction of hair growth. I know from other research that castor oil is used to improve hair growth - not to inhibit it.

Additional research I made today confirms that (most links online show the castor oil as a remedy for a fuller hair). So, that part of the recipe is certainly under question. However, once of the posts I was reading on castor oil mentioned that olive oil can be used as a hair growth inhibitor.

But additional research shows that olive oil is ALSO used as one of the cures for bolding hair.

I have a suspicion that any oil will probably have that effect, actually....

Need to research soy been oil, as it has been mentioned as one of the inhibitors in the past.

at the same time, other sources claim is helps the hair follicules, not inhibits them...

I tend to believe that the soybean oil indeed inhibit the growth, since soybeans act as estrogent enhencers (or something like that), so if I need to use an oil medium, I would probably use it.

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