Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mom's Kitty is Biting Herself - Eosinophilic granuloma?

Mom's old cat has been licking herself excessively, and how have bloody leasons all over her tummy and rear legs. It started small right after Mom passed away, I think, and now it is really becoming a problem. I think she spends all her waking time licking and biting her tummy.

The research on the Internet shows that it is mostly likely allergies, either to fleas, to food, or some stress-related allergic reactions. I found a picture online that looks like what her tummy looked like about 6 months ago:

The article says it is called Eosinophilic granuloma. Question is, how to stop it now, that it is in such an advanced stage?

I found a good discussion on this problem, and possible solutions, here:

Apparently, most food allegries in cats are caused by foods containing chicken. The dry food the mom's cat eats is "rich in chicken," but she has been on this same food for the last 7 years or more, and it was not causing problems back then.

Unfortunately, even if it is the chicken, the diet change alone will probably not help quickly enough, because her abdomen is covered in leasons that are starting to bleed. i need to treat it with something that would heal and clean those wounds. I am consideing my Vitamin E and Tea Tree oil mix for now, but she will hate the smell of that for sure...

Here is a bit more about holistic treatments:

ECG is actually an allergic response in a great many of these cats. Strict flea control and minimizing exposure to allergens (both airborne and in food) are fundamentals of treatment.

I have had some success with:
- hypoallergenic diets (canned, raw, or homemade, not dry)
- oral Vitamin E (puncture a gelcap with a needle and squeeze a drop or two on your finger--most cats love it and will lick it off voluntarily, but if not, mix with food)
- classical homeopathy

 I am thinking about trying the Vitamin E suggestion for now. And the new food. As far as the leasons, I am sure she won't submit to being smothered with any type of medicine for more than once or twice, so whatever I do, it needs to be quick-acting....

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  1. I started to give her KittyKat and Wiskas fish-based wet formulas about 3 days ago. She loves them alot (I bet they are full of sugar) and it seems she is eating alot more now than she used to. Before she was eating PerfectFit Senior 8+. Also, she has shown interest in other foods, like boiled potatoes and sweet corn.... which I am happy to provide to her.

    Although she still licks and bites herself periodically, she spends alot more time now just sitting and looking around. Before she spent almost all of her waking time licking her tummy and legs. I will try to find a more healthy fish-based food for her before I leave for the US. KittyKat is probably full of carcirogens and additives.