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homeopathy and excess hair growth / Гомеопатия и нежелательный рост волос

There are certain myths about facial hair in women in some parts of Asia sub-continent, such as, it is said that facial hair in women signifies a blessing. These hairs should not be removed in any case.

Other say that women with facial hair are unreliable. Some say the complete opposite, that women become wise after the growth of facial hair.

To me, all above statements have no truth in them. No doubt, excessive facial and other unwanted hair growth is undesirable. It is the symptom of some internal disturbance and or imbalance. The research so far has shown that there are two major root causes of excessive hair growth:

a. Genetic make-up
b. Imbalance and disturbance in some harmones (especially androgen group)

The sebaceous gland associated with most hair is actually more sensitive to androgen hormones than is the hair follicle. Hyperstimulation of the sebaceous gland accompanied by bacterial infection results in acne. The endocrinologic factors that influence the pilosebaceous unit are: the rate and amount of androgen secretion by the ovary and adrenal gland the blood concentration of sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) conversion in the fat cells and skin of weak, less potent androgens, to potent androgens sensitivity of the pilosebaceous unit to androgens

Note: The pilosebaceous unit consists of the hair shaft, the hair follicle, the sebaceous gland which makes sebum, and the erector pili muscle which causes the hair to stand up when it contracts.

Unwanted and or excessive hair growth depends upon several different factors. Therefore, the best way to treat above condition is to control these factors.

altered androgen metabolism
increased androgen production
decreased androgen binding in the circulation
exogenous androgens

Note: Increased growth of hair on the face of women just before and just after menopause is quite a common occurrence. It is primarily because of decreased estrogens.

What Homeopathy Says
Here is a list of homeopathic medicines which are mostly used in treating the facial hair and other parts excessive hair growth. Select the most matching medicine. For further reading, consult the Materia Medica. In case of any confusion, consult your physician.

Homeopathic Treatment:

Thuja is derived from the leaves and twigs of the evergreen conifer tree, also known as white cedar tree.
Thuja is useful when any of the following are indicated:
Mental and Emotional aspects
Lack of self-esteem – Paranoia – Manipulative but weak – Anorexia – Distorted ideas of body image – Fear of strangers – Facial twitches –Fixed ideas – Anxiety – Cries easily – Dyslexia – Interrupted sleep – Secretive.
Physical aspects Warts – Verrucas – Skin complaints – Very oily skin – Acne – Perspiration with odour – Headaches – Facial and body excessive hair-Polyps of the nose – Styes – Nail problems – Haemorrhoids – Lack of appetite – Always cold – Urethral and vaginal infections – Menstrual problems including cramps.
Sabal is homeopathic to irritability of the genito-urinary organs. General and sexual debility. Promotes nutrition and tissue building. Head, stomach, and ovarian symptoms marked.
Head. – Confused, full; dislikes sympathy; makes her angry. Vertigo with headache. Neuralgia in feeble patients. Pain runs up from nose and centers in forehead.
Stomach. – Belching and acidity. Desire for milk
Urinary. – Constant desire to pass water at night. Enuresis; paresis of sphincter vesicæ. Chronic gonorrhœa. Difficult urination. Cystitis with prostatic hypertrophy.
Male. – Prostatic troubles; enlargement; discharge of prostatic fluid. Wasting of testes and loss of sexual power. Coitus painful at the time of emission. Sexual neurotics. Organs feel cold.
Female. – Ovaries tender and enlarged; breasts shrivel . Young female neurotics; suppressed or perverted sexual inclination.
A powerful and deep-acting medicine often indicated for chronic ailments due to suppressed gonorrhœa. For women with chronic pelvic disorders. Chronic rheumatism. Great disturbance and irritability of nervous system. Pains intolerable; tensive; nerves quiver and tingle. Children dwarfed and stunted. History of sycosis. Often restores a gonorrhœal discharge. Intensity of all sensations. Œdema of limbs; dropsy of serous sacs. Disseminated sclerosis.
Mind. – Weak memory. Loses the thread of conversation. Cannot speak without weeping. Time passes too slowly (Cannab ind; Arg n). Is in a great hurry. Hopeless of recovery. Difficult concentration. Fears going insane (Mancinella). Sensibility exalted. Nervous, restless. Fear in the dark and of some one behind her. Melancholy, with suicidal thoughts.
Face. – Pallor, acne, blotches of reddish color. Small boils break out during menses.
Stomach. – Coppery taste and eructations of sulphuretted hydrogen. Ravenous hunger soon after eating. Very thirsty. Cravings for liquor, salt, sweets, etc, warm drinks. Pernicious vomiting of pregnancy.
Abdomen. – Violent pain in liver and spleen rests more comfortably lying on abdomen.
Urine. – Painful tenesmus when urinating renal colic Urine flows very slowly.
Female. – Intense pruritus. Menses offensive, profuse, dark, clotted; stains difficult to wash out, urinates frequently at that time. Sensitive spot near os uteri. Leucorrhœa thin, acrid, excoriating, fishy odour. Sycotic warts on genitals. Ovarian pain, worse left side, or from ovary to ovary. Sterility. Metrorrhagia. Intense menstrual colic. Breasts cold, sore, and sensitive.
Male. – Nocturnal emissions, followed by great weakness. Impotence. Gleet; whole urethra feels sore. Urethritis, Enlarged and painful prostate with frequent urging and painful urination.
Skin. – Yellow, Intense and incessant itching; worse night and when thinking of it. Fiery red rash about anus in babies. Copper-colored spots. Favus. Tumors and abnormal growth.
Thyroid produces anæmia, emaciation, muscular weakness, sweating, headache, nervous tremor of face and limbs, tingling sensations, paralysis. Heart rate increased exophthalmus and dilation of pupils. In myxœdema and cretinism its effects are striking. Rheumatoid arthritis. Infantile wasting. Rickets. Delayed union of fractures. In half grain doses twice a day over a considerable period said to be effective in undescended testicle in boys. Thyroid exercises a general regulating influence over the mechanism of the organs of nutrition, growth and development. Thyroid weakness causes decided craving for large amount of sweets.
Mind. – Stupor, alternating with restless melancholy. Irritable, worse least opposition; goes into a rage over trifles.
Heart. – Weak, frequent pulse, with inability to lie down. Tachycardia (Naja). Anxiety about chest, as if constricted. Palpitation from least exertion. Severe heart pain; Ready excitability of heart. Heart’s action weak, with numbness of fingers.
Stomach.–Desire for sweets and thirst for cold water. Nausea worse riding in car. Flatulence, much flatus in abdomen.
Urinary. – Increased flow; polyuria; some albumen and sugar. Enuresis in weakly children who are nervous and irritable (1/2 gr night and morning). Urine smells of violets, burning along urethra, increase of uric acid.
Extremities. – Rheumative arthritis with tendency to obesity, coldness and cramps of extremities. Peeling of skin of lower limbs. Cold extremities. Aching pains. Œdema of legs. Trembling of limbs and entire body.
Skin. – Psoriasis associated with adiposity (not in developing stage). Skin dry, impoverished. Cold hands and feet. Eczema. Uterine fibroids. Browny swelling. Swelling of glands of stony hardness. Sluggish cases. Jaundice with pruritus. Ichtyosis, lupus. Itching without eruption, worse night.
Mind and Disposition.Sadness with weeping.Great indifference, even to one’s family. Restlessness, fidgety. Great excitability in company. Dread of being alone. Is easily offended and inclined to be vehement. Sadness about one’s health and her domestic affairs. Anxiety, with flushes of heat.Aversion to one’s occupation.Heavyflow of ideas.Weak memory.
Face. – Pale yellow puffiness of the face, with blue margins around the eyes.Yellow color of the face (and of the white of the eyes).Yellow saddle across the nose and face.Yellowness around the mouth. Tetters around the mouth. Moist, scaly eruptions in the red parts of the lips and on the chin.Swelling of the under lip.Erysipelas and swelling of one side of the face from the root of a decayed tooth.Herpes, scurfs and black pores in the face.Neuralgic pains in the face (left side, from abuse of tobacco).
Stomach and Abdomen. – Taste putrid or sour.Food tastes too salt.Canine hunger and sensation of emptiness in the stomach.Thirst in the morning orthirstlessness.After eating, acidity in the mouth and bloatedness of the abdomen.Aversion to meat and milk, which cause diarrhea. Eructations, sour or like rotten eggs, or bitter. Eructations which cause blood to rise in the mouth. Water-brash after drinking or eating. Acidity of the stomach (with disgust for life).Nausea, especially in the morning and while fasting or when riding in a carriage.Nausea and vomiting after eating.Vomiting of pregnant women, sometimes of milky water.Vomiting, of bile and food, in the morning, with headache.Painful sensation of emptiness in the stomach and abdomen.Pain in the stomach after eating.Pressure in the stomach, as from a stone, especially after eating or at night.Cutting, boring, from the region of the stomach towards the spine.Burning in the stomach.Pulsation in the pit of the stomach.Rumbling in the abdomen, especially after eating.Soreness of the abdomen in pregnant women in the abdomen, pressing, cutting, stinging burning, coldness.Stitches in the liver and left hypochondrium.Pot-belliedness ofmothers.Brown spots on the abdomen.
Sexual Organs.Men. Continued erections at night.The prepuce ulcerates and itches continually. Weakness of the genitals ; they perspire profusely, especially the scrotum.Scrotum swollen. Cutting in the testes.After coition great weakness in theknees.Women. Pressure, as if every thing would protrude (with oppression of breathing). Prolapsus of the uterus, of the vagina. In-duration of the neck of the uterus.Violent stitches in the vagina, upwards.Redness, swelling and itching humid eruption on the labiæ. Catamenia too early and too profuse, or too scanty, or suppressed. During menstruation, depression, toothache, headache, bleeding of the nose, and soreness in the limbs. Leucorrhœa, of yellow or greenish water, like pus, or of bad-smelling fluids.Inclination to miscarriages.
Skin. – Itching in the face, on the arms, hands, hips, feet, abdomen and genitals, changing to burning when scratching. Soreness of the skin and humid places in the bends of the joints. Brown spots, or claret-colored, tetter-like spots on the skin. Pemphigus ; ring-worms ; boils ; blood-boils.Ulcers, painless (knuckles, finger-joints, tips of the fingers, joints and tips of the toes), or itching, stinging and burning. Humid tetters, with itching and burning. Lymphatic swellings. Crippled nails.
Mind and Disposition. – Sensitiveness of feeling ; delicate conscientiousness. Fearfulness, timidity. Irresoluteness ; anxious ; to do now this, now that. The slightest contradiction irritates. Intolerance of noise. Taciturn, with continuous sad thoughts; still, serious melancholy, with moaning. Anger, followed by quiet grief and sorrow. Inclination to grief, without saying anything about it ; keeping it to himself. Great tenderness. Changeable disposition ; jesting and laughing, changing to sadness, with shedding of tears. (Hysteria).Inclination to start.
Face. – Alternate redness and paleness of the face. Redness and heat of one cheek (and ear). Clay-colored, sunken face, with blue margins around the eyes. Perspiration only in the face. Convulsive twitching in the muscles of the face. Twitching of the corners of the mouth. Spasmodic closing of the jaws (lock-jaw).Lips dry, cracked, bleeding. Ulceration of one of the corners of the mouth. Urinary Organs. Sudden irresistible desire to urinate. Frequent discharge of watery urine.Pressure to urinate, from drinking coffee. Burning and smarting in the urethra during maturation. Itching in the forepart of the urethra.
Genital Organs. – Men Violent itching of the genitals in the evening ; relieved by scratching. Lasciviousness without erections. Contraction of the penis; it becomes quite small. Erections during stool. Perspiration on the scrotum. Women. Menstruation too early (and too profuse).Menstrual blood, black, of putrid odor, in clots. Metrorrhagia. During menstruation uterine spasms, with crampy pressing (relieved by pressure and in a recumbent posture). Uterine spasms with lancinations or like labor pains.
Skin. – Itching over the whole body, which disappears on scratching. Itching when becoming heated in the open air. Great sensitiveness of the skin to a drought of air. Other homeopathic medicines includes calc carb, calc phos, pulsatilla, nat mur, etc

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