Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Heel Spurs / Plantar fasciitis

[NAY]  07/06/2009: Lori from Lincoln, NE writes: "I used the ACV wrap at night w a bag around my foot for 7 days and saw no relief at all. And it stunk up my house and my bedding. Not worth it!"
[YEA]  07/06/2009: Donna Hyde from Lincoln, NE replies: "have you all tryed to drink organic apple citer vinigar? taking it internaly works better than putting it on your skin. i had a spur on my foot the vinigar desolved it. i was taking the vinigar to clean out my body. i was taking 1/4 cup in a glass of water 2 times aday. i did it for 1 month. it works."
[YEA]  04/05/2010: Cde from Post Falls, Id replies: "My very active 10 year old daughter was suffering for two weeks trying to play soccer, etc but in so much pain she couldn't walk. We took her to the doctor where he Dx her with plantar fasciitis and gave her exercises/stretches which she tried with no immediate success, and stopped doing them. My dad recommended apple cider vinegar (acv) baking soda and this site. She took 2 Tbsp ACV and 1 tsp baking soda (use a tall glass) in a little juice, twice a day. After ONE day of this she noticed the pain was minimal and she could easily participate in her soccer practices. The pain was completely GONE after a few weeks. She continued taking the mixture for awhile preventatively. It was explained to me that the ACV helps balance out the bodies pH levels which can help with many issues. "
 [YEA]  01/25/2009: Ronald from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia writes: "I have had a heel spur for about 4 years. Buying high quality shoes - a well known jogger brand but the black office type helped immensely but didn't get rid of the problem. The other day I went for a 9 KM run and the ankle flared up. I tried the wrap and it is working. Two days later there is almost no sign of it. I highly recommend the ACV wrap."
[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  10/10/2008: Ileana from Miami, Florida writes: "I had had heel spurs for almost a year now. I had try everything (cortisone shot, pills, creams, physical therapy, acupunture, thai massage, foot massage,etc) I had been using the apple cider for more than a week at night. However, I still have the pain. I think it is better. Do you think I should be using the apple cider for longer time?? Please, any recomendation will be apreciated."
[NAY]  10/22/2008: Man from FC, CO replies: "I have had horrible plantar fasciitis pain for year now and have tried everything. My latest attempt was taking ACV too, and it didn't seem to help at all. Other people seem to think it did the trick. I wish I knew a cure. I had to give up running and it's painful to walk."
05/24/2009: Dolly from Everett, WA replies: "I had Plantars Fascitis for a couple years. I used shoes with high arch support, a sandal made in the US, Chaco sandals. I never walked without them in my house even. After a few months it finally went away. It came back a year later, mildly. I made sure to walk only in the shoes indoors too. All gone now. No problem w/ fascitis for 5 yrs. The other problem I found was using a shovel in your garden. DON'T use your foot to press the shovel down.. that is the ultimate insult to the fascia! DO stretch your feet w/ straps, or standing on your toes, like you're reaching for a top shelf, or standing at the edge of a step and stretching your foot that way. Best wishes."
[YEA]  07/08/2008: Donna from Palm Coast, Florida writes: "Hi this cure is true, the doctor was going to do surgery, But I said NO I wanted to try something first and I did. I tried the apple cider vinger wrap first for about six every night at bedtime I put on the wrap and my heel spur is cured. Thanks alot and God Bless. Donna"
[YEA]  05/03/2006: Christian from Rowlett, TX writes: "Apple Cider Vinegar cures heel spurs.
Instructions: Soak apple cider vinegar with a cloth and applied on your heel for 6-8 hrs. You can wrap it with a plastic bag around your heel while you sleep. You might need to repeat the process for several days.
Depending on how bad the heel spur, the process will take longer. If the pain is not relieved after doing this process for long period of time, then you might have a different problem and advised to see your doctor."



[YEA]  01/17/2007: Tim from Gulf Shores, Alabama writes: "I have been suffering with heel pain for months now and have tried everything, heat, cold, wrapes, Advil, etc, etc.I want you to know that I believe in Dr. and medicine so my wife made this stuff with ACV and said try this for a week once a day so I did. You would not believe this the pain was gone in 3 days. Here is what she gave me. 2 tbsp of ACV 1 tbsp molasses and 1 tsp of baking soda mix well and drink. I can walk barefooted with no pain. I think she got the recipe from this site. Thank you."

[YEA]  08/15/2009: Laura from Petoskey, Mi writes: "Calcium Supplementation to elliminate heel spurs --
I am a massage therapist. My client had a painful heel spur, his Dr. suggested surgery.

I suggested he take some calcium supplements.

He decided to give it a try. I can't remember how long it took but the pain went away completely and doesn't come back but he continues to take the calcium on a regular basis. I think he eats the ones that come in chocolate.

Let me know if anyone has tried this?"
08/15/2009: Bev from Longbeach, Ca replies: "Hi Laura;

Years ago my Chiropractor had a formula using calcium, i.e., Cal-Acid EM, #325, that he gave to his patients that have heel spurs. His recommendation was to take one tablet every hour until yawning occurred the first day. Then take one tablet every two to three hours for the next five days. Then maintenance was two tablets two to three times per day. Hope this is useful."
[YEA]  05/16/2009: Thomas from Missouri City, TX writes: "Heel spur
Calcium -- Yea

A month and a half ago, it was sheer agony just to walk to the mailbox; to get out of bed, I needed a cane. Then I came here and read-up on calcium.

For the past month and a half, I've been blasting calcium into my system with a daily dose of: a multi-vitamin with 162 mg of calcium in it, PLUS a tablet of 600 mg of calcium and 400 I.U. of Vitamin D.

Three days after starting my calcium-blasting, I noticed that I was feeling less pain. Now, a month and a half later, I am PAIN-FREE (except after I stand or walk a lot)."
[YEA]  11/25/2008: Mary from Virginia Beach, VA writes: "I would like to let everyone know that I came on this site to see what people were doing to relieve their heel pain because I was having heel pain so bad that I was not able to put any weight on it and was also getting sharp pains through the heel. It got so bad I was almost in tears (and I have a high toleance for pain!) So I had decided to take ________ Calcium (calcium 250mg also has Mag 250mg,Vit D 200 i.u. and 7.5mg zinc as directed 2 tabs twice daily with a meal) and I have to tell you that it worked!!! This morning I woke up and normally I limp for about an hour and then I still have a slight limp but got up and only felt a slight discomfort and was able to walk fine as the day went on!! So I recommend not buying these fly by night remedy pills and go to your local rite sid etc and try it out! Hope this helps anyone that has been in my pain!!"
[YEA]  11/22/2006: Mel from Canada writes: "When it comes to heel spurs, there is only one good cure. As we age, we require more and more Calcium because our absorption drops to about 25%. What does this mean? It means that when we don't get enough calcium, our body tries to compensate by getting it from elsewhere in the body. In other words, it takes calcium out of the bones. That is what causes a heel spur, and by taking calcium pills, as well as some other basic vitamins and supplements, you can reverse a heel spur."


[YEA]  03/03/2009: Carol from Weirsdale, Florida writes: "Heel Spurs: Extreme pain in my heels started suddenly and I didn't know what was happening. My boss said that she had had them and had been given very, very painful cortisone injections. She said this may help for 5 years. I hate needles, so remembering that castor oil was very good for many things, massaged it into my feet along with Vicks vapo rub or any similar product and within 2 weeks, no more pain. I then was able to go overseas and walk 5 miles and no pain except I had a huge water pouch on the bottom of my feet when I returned. Rested feet 2 days, water reabsorbed into body and have had no reoccurance for 10 years.

Also, just came home from Thailand with aching, dragging leg and sore knees. I read the blogs on black strap molasses and ACV and have been taking daily and muscle ache in leg has gone, knees much better, so am a happy camper. Just have to try not to overdo my walking and climbing steep steps at 75 years of age. Also used the castor oil and Vicks massage on knees. Don't know why this worked, but no harm in trying it to get relief."
[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  03/14/2011: Elaine from Edmond, Oklahoma, Usa replies: "I have been using this rememdy on my husband for about two weeks now. Both of his feet were very painful. Each evening I sit and massage his feet for about a half with the castor oil and vapo rub. The vapo rub is a dollar jar I bought at the dollar store. Very slowly his feet are improving. Before on a scale of one to ten, ten being the most his feet hurt, he is now a three and only on his right heel. I love this site!"


[YEA]  04/12/2007: Kim from Bluefield, WV writes: "Coconut Oil Eliminated Pain from Heel Spur: I began taking Coconut Oil capsules 10 days ago to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol and possibly loose a little weight. Within 3 days of taking the capsules (4 per day) the pain from a heel spur I had suffered with for appx. 8 years vanished. I have had the horribly painful shots (which helped only temporarily) and tried many other remedies (with little to no success). My heel pain has completely subsided. I am able to do aerobics again, which I have not been able to do without severe heel pain for many years. It has truly been a miracle for me!"

[YEA]  07/15/2008: John from Eugene, Oregon writes: "One year ago I was supposedly diagnosed with heal spurs and plantar fasciitis. Doc did not want to acknowledge the symptoms of migrating pain and twitching up the leg and into the body. I would at times catch a cold, and would feel it go into my heel, which would then swell so I could not walk. One day out of desperation, I rubbed GSE on it. The next day the pain was gone. A week later, I felt the pain and swelling come back. Again, over night with the GSE say 12 drops on the bottom of the foot, and it was gone the next morning. Simply amazing. I had not considered GSE but had tried: Iodine, DMSO, H2O2, other essential oils, colloidal silver, heating foot packs, magnesium oil rubs and soaks; some of which helped a small bit, but nothing like the GSE. So take it for what it's worth. And thanks Ted."
[YEA]  06/11/2010: Angela from Sacramento, California Usa replies: "WOW! Thanks John, the GSE worked on my heel pain too! I woke up this morning w/o the pain. I just rubbed the GSE on both heels yesterday mourning and again last night and today the pain is gone. Love, love, love, this site!"

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  01/16/2011: Michael from Boston, Ma writes: "i just want to share the experience I have had with heel spurs and the success I've had with some of the advice here. I could feel hard, linear growths or spurs, perhaps calcifications, under my right heel. Very sore to push on and I could feel them rolling a bit under my thumb. There were times in the past 2 years when I could not walk properly or without pain. Perhaps connected to this I developed an injury under the pad of my right foot near the middle toe probably due to favoring the heel area. Then I developed a plantar's fasciitis in the same foot so that the whole underside was practically paralyzed with pain.
I am a 48 year old lifelong athlete with a regular yoga practice and feel like I'm in good health. This was debilitating and I could no longer do many of the things that were fulfilling for me. I read that rest was the only thing to do and tried to rest and ice the foot while trying to stay active. That really wasn't successful.
Then out of frustration I turned to the web and found this site. In just a few days I have seen incredible change. I purchased msm and have been taking 1000-2000mg hourly with no negative side effects, 1000 mg of magnesium daily, 1000 mg b1 several times a day. I have added calcium, I had been taking none. I have been taking 5000iu vitamin d3 daily, sometimes more. A good b complex as well as a good multivitamin. I have also ben drinking apple cider vinegar with some baking soda. Physically I have been applying an apple cider vinegar, baking soda and molasses soaked pad overnight and during the day in my shoe. I have been massaging regularly with coconut oil and applying arnica afterwards. I have also tried some massage with castor oil. I have been doing band stretches on the foot pulling the toes toward me and pressing back against the band. And lastly I have done some weak bleach solution soaks on the foot. In 2-3 days I can feel the area smoothing out and the pain is diminishing.
This is a first report and I am excited by the prospect of fully healing. I realize that I was probably deficient in calcium and magnesium and will make permanent changes there. You can do this with some determination and hands on massage of your own foot. you have to move through the soreness to begin to generate blood flow and healing, breaking down the scar tissue and buildup in the tissues."
01/24/2011: Lilyfoot from Manila, Philippines replies: "Micheal from Boston, Ma: Can you please post the formula or recipe on your weak bleach solution soaks on foot, wil b highly appreciated.thanks"
[YEA]  01/25/2011: Ellie from Evansville, Wi replies: "I had bone spurs several years back.. I looked up this.. What caused it I found that mag. And calcium are not in balance and it calcifies.. So I started to use mag oil.. Sprayed all over the body and I soaked my feet in warm water and mag. Oil just to below the ankles.. Every day for 30 days. 10 drops in water every.. I swear by this.. I also make my own now"

[YEA]  06/21/2007: Aaron from Cape Coral, Florida writes: "I tried the TURMERIC remedy for boils about 4 days ago, initially with little hope it would work, but in a state of desperation, since this was my THIRD boil in less than 6 weeks, and I had 2 more starting! I went out as soon as I finished reading all of the testimonials on your site, and bought a bottle of Turmeric capsules from my local GNC. That night I took three 500mg caps with dinner, and another 4 capsules before going to bed. (If a teaspoon is good, a tablespoon is better!) The next morning the boil on my stomach, which was a dark purple golf ball radiating excruciating pain the night before, was now a light purple golf ball that was starting to drain, and the pain had gone down by 80 to 90%!
In addition, one of the new boils that was just starting, (a tiny painful pimple,) started to heal, and the other one, slightly larger, while it didn't go away, it stopped growing, and with 72 hours it too drained (really like a normal pimple, only thicker discharge and more painful.)
It's now been about 4 days, and while the large boil is still draining (the core came out yesterday) and is still very tender, it is healing and no other boils are starting.
The big BONUS is this: The arthritis in my shoulder that I've been suffering with for the last year, is gone, and even more exciting, I have been dealing with Heal Spurs (Plantar Fasciitis) for about 2 years, and have been suffering TREMENDOUS pain in my foot, every day, all day.
Within 24 hours of taking the Turmeric, my feet have COMPLETELY stopped hurting!!!I plan to continue taking at least one capsule a day indefinitely as a preventative for recurring boils, and as an apparent remedy for my Heal Spurs!!! The real miracle here is
03/24/2009: Catherine from NY, NY replies: "Why not make it a regular part of your diet? I buy bags of it at the Indian market for very little money. I use it during my meal preparation several times a week. It tastes wonderful in/ on food and it does help to get rid of boils. I once had a painful boil and placed the turmeric directly on the boil and covered it with a band-aid. Two days later the boil was completely gone. Apparently it helps to reduce inflamation, which is why it helps with arthritis."


  1. I had plantar fasciitis in my right foot, causing pain in my heel and nerve pain running up to my inside ankle. It was starting in my left too. After a day of normal activity such as housework and errands, it felt like a toothache in my ankle. I figured I had nothing to lose by trying the Vicks cure, in which I spread Vicks Vaporub(actually used the generic one) on the bottom of my foot and sides of heel up to ankle. Covered that with soft microfiber socks and did that every night for 2 weeks. The pain is miraculously gone, after having spent months in pain. What a relief, and such an easy, inexpensive, noninvasive fix.

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