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Both my brother and my Dad are suffering from allergy to the cotton tree blooms (whatever they are). My first point of research was EarthClinic, as usual.



[YEA]  02/06/2011: Nitzp from San Jose, California, Usa writes: "I have to share this with you to help those suffering from allergic rhinitis commonly called allergy. Yesterday, I was sneezing non stop from 1:00 pm to nightime. I was already feeling very weak from sneezing and I thought of searching the remedy from Earth Clinic. I found ACV as very popular for allergies. I prepared immediately 2 tbs in 8 oz of warm water. Then I added 1/4 tbs baking soda. Instantly, my allergies were gone. I never sneezed from then on so I was able to sleep calmly through the night. I couldn't believe it. It really works. I am a ACV fanatic. My husband and I drink it every night to maintain our good health. Now I'll make it twice daily."

[YEA]  08/28/2010: Cleoppa from Cleburne, Texas writes: "Thanks to this site, ACV did wonders for my seasonal allergies. Always before I'd used nettle tea and it had been fairly effective. One season, however, it did not seem to help at all. So I started searching around and found the ACV recommendation. Works wonders! Also great on my skin when I have an itchy allergic reaction."

[YEA]  08/04/2010: Steve from Springfield, Illinois writes: "I was having allergy problems: congestion, sinus issues and headaches. Saw the doctor and he prescribed me 3 different medicines (cost $100). I decided to try Apple Cider Vinegar and in about 1 week my headaches were gone, my congestion cleared up and no more allergy issues. I take 2 tablespoons mixed with orange juice every morning and do longer have any allergy issues. It's been 4 years now and the ACV is still working. I'd buy ACV even if it cost me $100 a bottle!"

[YEA]  04/15/2010: Charley from Pinellas Park, Fl, Usa writes: "Due to possible pollen allergy, I suffered stuffy nose and chest congestion since early January of this year until this month of April.Two days ago, I surfed this site looking for relief and was inspired by so many testimonials about apple cider venigar.I mixed 2 tablespoons each of apple cider venigar and honey plus a dash of cayenne powder.In a mug I heated the mixture with water for 3 minutes and drank it. Just after few minutes I realized that this is a miracle drink and for two nights I have a good sleep and my condition has improved by 75 %."

[YEA]  05/31/2009: Cameron from Riverside, CT writes: "I've been suffering from allergies for 12 years now. I finally went to a doctor this year to have the doctor take a look (I actually looked went to two docs). The tests they took showed I was allergic to almost every airborne allergen (95% of most airborne allergens, yikes!) I was seriously a running faucet and sneeze machine. I'd wake up sneezing, burn through toilet paper for wiping my nose. Basically, i was disgusting and I was completely bogged down for hay fever season. I started taking 3 shots of ACV a day. The first 10 days nothing and then all the sudden, on the 11th it was like a light switch. Everything stopped. I continued taking 3 shots a day for about a month and a half and am now down to 1 shot a day, which I am taking basically as a "just in case" shot. My allergies are completely eliminated. Not even a sniffle. I'm not sure how it works, but it 100% worked for me. Like a veil being lifted, a light turning on; it was a complete life change to be able to enjoy the seasons again :)"

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[YEA]  05/31/2009: Jane from San Francisco, CA writes: "I had quite severe seasonal allergies with non-stop runny nose, itchy eyes, and sneezing. I started taking 1 tbsp of ACV with the mother in a glass of water, sometimes with 1/8 tsp of Baking Soda and sometimes without. The first 2 days, there was not much change, and the stuffiness in my nose seemed to be more than ever. But on the 3rd day, all the allergy symptoms completely went away and I've been allergy free ever since."


[YEA]  05/25/2010: Busymom from Smalltown, Sunflowerstate, Usa writes: "Turmeric, ACV, and local honey cured my allergies AND acne
Two weeks ago I started an ACV and Turmeric regimen for allergies with a wonderful side-effect! My skin is georgeous! I take 1tsp of ACV in 8oz of water 4-5 times per day. I drink 8oz of warm soy milk, 4 dashes of turmeric, 1 dash of black pepper, and 1tsp of local honey once a day. I live on a farm with cows, horses, dogs, hay and LOTS of pollen. I was taking OTC drugs twice a day with little relief. My eyes would swell, tear up and itch; and I'd sneeze like crazy. For two weeks I have not taken ANY otc drugs, and the worst I've had is a little bit of eye itching. Another wonderful side-effect is that I HAVE ENERGY! LOTS OF IT! Everything I've used is straight off the grocery store shelf - not organic. Except the honey - local farmer's market. This website has saved me lots of money and grief...thank you!"


[YEA]  10/14/2008: Randyl from Richmond, VA writes: "Local bee pollen for allergy symptoms

I am extremely lucky to know a bee keeper who suffers as I do from allergies. It comes loose, rather than in capsules, and is from bees about 45 minutes from my home. Local pollen is very important to me.

While symptomatic, I use 1/2 tsp. in oatmeal or in an all-fruit smoothie daily. Otherwise, take 1/2 - 1 tsp every 2-3 days. Once I began two years ago, I have not had a single sinus headache or post nasal drip. The first time I tried it, I used a little more because I'd been ill for almost a month. The wad of phlegm that sat in my throat was gone overnight after taking my first 1 Tbl dose in a smoothie. After 3 days of taking 1 tsp daily, all symptoms were gone."
[WARNING!]  05/09/2010: Becky from Cleburne, Tx replies: "While I also highly recommend the bee pollen treatment, I do advise caution. The first time I had bee pollen was at a local honey tasting room. They had a little spoon you could get yourself a scoop and try it. I did like everyone else and got a small scoopful. I quickly had a sore and swollen throat, etc. If I had had much more I'm pretty sure I would have ended up in the hospital--something my allergies have never caused.

So, while I think it's a great desensitizer to allergies, to be cautious, especially if you have allergies. Start very small and work your way up.

I throw a couple pinches in my morning smoothie. Haven't noticed that it's hugely helpful for allergies, but I may need to have worked up to a greater amount by now."
10/18/2010: Lisa from New York, Ny replies: "Has bee pollen helped you so far?"
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[YEA]  06/11/2008: Linds from Columbus, Ohio writes: "Bee pollen works by desensitizing your body to the pollen that travels through the air and causes your body to react. With small daily doses, your body builds up its defenses to fight off the allergens and avoid reaction in the future. Buy local if possible so it helps you build resistance against daily allergens."


[YEA]  01/08/2010: Terry from Big Lake, Maine writes: "Local Honey Cures Allergies
I have been taking local honey for years and just recently moved to the great state of Maine and have begun a regimen of local raw honey here.
I use to suffer from allergy problems most severely, I took most sugar out of my diet and replaced it with local honey. Not only am I allergy free, I do not get colds or flu- even as my children were growing up and bringing home all kinds of contagious ailments from school, social activities- folks could be around me dropping like flies from viruses, colds etc.(For many years I worked in an orthodontic office dealing mainly with children with all kinds of germs floating about) I did not succumb because I believe local honey boosted my immune system to the point of immunity from most common ailments. I am 47 years old and have not gone a day without consuming local honey- I cannot recall the last time I became ill with a cold or flu. I believe in this statement most whole heartedly-Local Honey cures allergies. (I do believe it should be local honey consumed and all the better- raw local honey.)Also- raw honey cures many skin ailments, slow healing sores covered with raw honey heal more speedily and have little scarring.

[YEA]  10/17/2008: Amanda Rene from Anderson, California, USA writes: "Try using local honey to alleviate allergy symptoms. Look for it at health food stores or your local Farmers' Market. This saved me from terrible eye pain caused by my allergies. From what I understand, using the honey is kind of like having a vaccination. Local honey works for allergy symptoms because it is made using the same plants you are having an allergic reaction to. Include a tablespoon of local honey in a cup of hot tea two or three times a day to begin with. When your symptoms are alleviated, maintain with one dose daily."

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[YEA]  09/06/2007: Sheilagh from Austin, TX writes: "I take issue with the requirement for using local honey. My mom found the Dr. Jarvis folk medicine suggestion of taking honey to alleviate sniffles. Works great! To test this, mom & dad brought me honey from Spain. *SAME* wonderful effect. It isn't the local part of the honey that works, it's the *honey* part, irrespective of origin!"


[YEA]  07/07/2008: Tim from Berkeley, CA writes: "I have had seasonal allergies for the past 6-7 years. Earlier this year I read about how MSM can alleviate the symptoms of seasonal allergies, so I decided to give it a try. The allergy season was just starting and I could feel my eyes getting a bit itchy. I started taking 1000 mg of MSM and within 1 hour I was feeling better. It works as well as any OTC allergy medicine with out the negative health effects. As a matter of fact it is supposed to have beneficial health effects. I now take 1000 mg of MSM twice per day and have not had any more symptoms of allergies. I love this stuff."

03/26/2011: Bill from San Fernando, San Fernando, Philippines writes: "Food and environmental allergy problems -- including other auto-immune diseases -- have statistically risen quite seriously and dramatically for about the last 70 so years. Especially problems like asthma, sinusitis, rhinitis, gluten problems etc. My own way of looking at this is by first finding out and understanding what causes the problem in the body in the first place.
When a foreign protein body enters the human body through an exogenous mucal site such as the intestines, mouth, lungs, eyes or nose, then if you are allergic to this foreign protein, a reaction occurs at the local site. For instance, in an allergic individual, pollen will induce a rise in histamine levels in the mucal nose canal cells which in turn will increases the permeability of the nasal mucus cells causing excessive mucus to form -- thus you get a drippy nose and continually sneeze alot. In the case of asthma, the same thing occurs in the bronchial lining and lung cells -- a heavy build up of mucus in the lungs and the bronchial tubes also constrict, making breathing very difficult. The only answer that Doctors have is to give anti-histamines drugs in the form of sprayers or pumps which, although it alleviates the symptoms -- does not cure anythinig and certainly does not help to address the root cause of allergies.
But how a person becomes an allergy victim in the first place is another more complex story. Here the main areas of concern are the intestines and the liver. Foreign protein bodies usually enter the body through a damaged intestines -- which should not allow large undigested proteins through into the blood or the lymph supply vessels. These foreign protein bodies should then be taken to the liver where these allergens are normally efficiently removed by any healthy liver. In a sick or damaged or over-stressed liver, the allergen cannot be neutralized or stored, so these foreign protein bodies are allowed to continually flow around the blood system and so, in response, the histamine levels naturally increase, causing continual bouts of localized or widespread allergic reactions in the body.
The second problem we have to address is that a healthy liver should also be able to efficiently remove or excrete any excessive histamines within the human body in order to keep the body's serum level histamines in a healthy and acceptable balance. If you have a damaged or insufficient or stressed liver that cannot cope and do its job properly, then the histamine levels in an allergy victim's body will not be in balance -- but they will instead exist in excessive amounts in the blood because the liver cannot adequately remove them. Excessive histamines in the blood will cause consistent and continual inflammotory reactions in the body depending on their level. Hence the continual need for allergy sufferers to forever purchase anti-histamine drugs for the rest of his/her life. The liver is the main excretory path for histamines removal in the body.
Therefore the way to cure allergies is simply to repair your intestines -- to stop any large undigested food protein bodies from entering the blood/lymph causing the allergy and stressing the liver in the first place -- and secondly to repair or revive your own liver into a healthy organ once again in order to achieve complete foreign protein removal from the blood as well as to maintain proper proper controlled histamine balance in the blood.
The initial problem -- in the intestines -- might have initially been caused by perforation of the intestinal walls in the past from another problem like candida or celiac disease or ulcers or IBS for example which will have to be cured first. This is perhaps the most difficult aspect of curing yourself of any food allergies -- in that these associated problems can also be its origin as well as causing further aggravation to the allergic condition in the future.
Dr Gerson from his own use of iodine in his cancer therapy protocol was convinced that when he gave his cancer victims large dose lugol's iodine, all their allergies disappeared completely for life. And Dr Flechas -- from the Iodine Project -- has also proved that taking large dose lugol's iodine -- this inhibits the conversion an amino acid, histidine into histamine -- and prevents over-formation of histamine in the body. This fact will naturally act to help to reduce histamine levels in your body. But iodine also has so many other beneificial effects. It boosts the thyroid which in turn boosts the immune system. Taking iodine also increases body's -- and liver's -- metabolic rate and helps to reduce hormone receptor resistance throughout the body -- ie aids proper hormone balance.
So the best route to perhaps cure allergies for good would seem to be by curing any outstanding problems both in the liver and the intestines and to adopt a much healthier diet regimen. The best protocol for detox AND Liver repair seems to be this one:
Chanca Piedra -- 1000 mgs twice a day at mealtimes.
Milk Thistle -- 1000 mgs twice a day at mealtimes
Alpha Lipoic Acid -- 300 mgs twice a day at mealtimes
Selenium -- 100 micrograms twice a day at mealtimes.
Vitamin C -- As Ascorbate, 1000 mgs twice a day at mealtimes.
Magnesium -- 250 mgs twice a day taken as magnesium citrate or magnesium gluconate. Taken outside mealtimes.
5% Lugol's Iodine -- 2 drops twice a day in a glass of water outside mealtimes.
The above detox and repair will also help to gently purge gallstones from your liver/gallbladder and also should help to remove any kidney stones as well."


[YEA]  07/08/2008: Aster from Vancouver Island, Canada writes: "The infection is nearly gone!
I wanted to share, as well, that I have very bad seasonal allergies requiring daily anti-histamine treatment, plus eye drops and nasal spray. As a side effect of taking the turmeric capsules (I must assume as nothing else has changed), I do not have allergies today. It is very hot and dry and I was in the garden for hours today... it is the height of allergy season. I realized I had not taken anti-histamines for two days but have no allergies. I really didn't expect that!!!!"

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[YEA]  01/19/2008: Shane Murphy from Chicago, IL writes: "I am a severe allergy sufferer but I am taking turmeric and its helping alot I hope this continues to help me, I am currently taking it for my allergies it completly stoped them, Thanks so much. Sincerly, Shane Murphy"


[YEA]  07/23/2006: Betty from Wheeling, WV writes: "I started taking increased doses of Vitamin C a number of years ago at my doctor's recommendation for a tendency to bruise easily. One of the other unexpected benefits is that my sinuses cleared up. I used to wake up sneezing and would continue throughout the morning, sometimes through the entire day, year round. After experimenting with different dosages, I am now on a maintenance level of 2000 mg of Vitamin C daily and this keeps my allergies under control usually 50-51 weeks out of the year. Occasionally, I may have a flare-up and need something else. When that happens, I stir 1 teaspoon of ground Turmeric into an 8 oz. glass of water and drink it. Within 15 minutes, I am breathing freely once again and no more sneezing!"

[YEA]  09/01/2009: Rebekah from Athens, Ga writes: "WOW. For about 3 weeks now I have been taking 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric every day. My allergies are GONE. It worked in a matter of days. It works so well that I can hardly remember how bad my allergies used to be. I know that I was miserable and I was trying all kinds of over-the-counter crap from the pharmacy that wasn't working or made me feel worse. But turmeric... ahhhhh what relief!!! I used to have to sleep with a roll of toilet paper next to my head because I would wake up and blow my nose 6 or 7 times in the night. None of that now!!! No symptoms at ALL now unless I forget to drink my turmeric tea for 2 days.
This is how I take it: dissolve 1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder in hot water (I get the powder from the spice section in my natural food store). I add a tiny amount of coconut oil because I read that turmeric works better if you take it with a little fat. Then I add a spoonful of blackstrap molasses because I like the taste. Keep stirring as you drink it so that the spice doesn;t settle at the bottom. I drink this any time during the day, just once a day. I had allergy problems my whole life- allergic to everything. Now I never even sneeze!!!!! I am so thankful. Hope this helps someone else.


[YEA]  10/25/2007: Dan from Cary, North Carolina writes: "Turmeric is one of the miracle spices in the world. Turmeric also builds your immune system. Since my Childhood I have always had sinus problems - runny nose - stuffed up when weather changes - I would be miserable for months - missing school - work when I came to USA.
Since last 4 yrs I have been taking less then ¼ teaspoon of turmeric pinch of black pepper mixed in milk ( 8 oz ) - warm it in microwave for 1 min 30 sec - stir it an drink that before going to bed ( you can take this in morning / afternoon - anytime you like )
I am a changed person - no runnier nose - no sneezing - when weather changes (especially during spring/fall) - I have no problem with pollens. During cold months I have no runny nose. My kids used to get sick during school months - now they also daily drink milk with turmeric - they are also free from cold and fall less sick during school time. Here are few ways you can take turmeric to help yourself.
1. Take less then ¼ teaspoon of powdered turmeric pinch of black pepper in 8oz of Cup - pour milk - place it in microwave warm it - ( Warm enough so that you can drink it ) - I usually warm it 1:30 min - remove stir it - enjoy your drink an your health.
2. You can also take ¼ teaspoon of turmeric in small cup - pour honey and warm it in microwave for 5 to 10 seconds - mix it well - using spoon eat it - 1 teaspoon - 3 times a day if you have cold / cough.
Have faith and continue drinking this - it may take 3 - 6 months before you start seeing results in your health. Need more information - mail me your question I will try to answer your question when time permits This site has great information - it has helped me with ACV - Oil Pulling - I am looking into H202 now. Good Luck to one and all."


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