Friday, September 25, 2015

ACV and cayenne for knee pain tendonitis / Повязка с яблочный уксусом и красным перцем от боли в колене

Friday, Sept 25

For the last 3-4 years, I have had periodic flare ups of knee pain during jogging, esp.  when jumping up or down the side walks, but it was not too bad. The doctor reviewed X-rays and said I had a mild tendonitis.

This summer I had a tried to stretch my knees and hips too much, and accidently somehow pulled something on a side of my knee, and for about 2 weeks the knee would give out when steppen on, and have pain radiating through it.  I had to give up running. I started to bicycle a bit in a few months, but the pain returned with vengence.

So, i will try a few remedies on it to see if I can get it better. I will start with the Apple Cider Vinegar applications (as recommended by EarthClinic).

Today the pain was noticeable even when sitting, so i decided it was a good time to act. I needed a long strip of cotton, so I used one of the cut-up old 100% cotton T-shirts my husband generously donated for my household needs.

In a cup, I mixed about 1\4 cup ACV, about a teaspoon of cayenne pepper powder, and about 2 teaspoons of coconut oil. I mixed the best I could (the coconut oil would not mix), I folded the cotton several times to make a nice soft pack, and then poured the vinegar/cayenne mix, and then spread the coconut oil. I then wrapped around my knee and secured the ends. I hope to sleep with it (unless it comes off on its own). So far the pack feels nice and cool around my knee. I do not feel any discomfort from the cayenne (although if I keep it overnight, it might give me trouble). The bed will probably smell like a pickle jar!

We will see what will happen in the morning, how the knee feels. I will try to see if walking is painless, and if yes, then I will try to ride my bicycle.

ACV, cayenne, and coconut oil rub for a sore knee
Яблочный уксус, красный перец, и масло кокоса - примочка для колена

Sat. Sept 26

The wrap stayed on my knee overnight. About 1.5 hours after applying the wrap, I started to feel the the cayenne! Burned moderately.
in the morning, the pain was not 100% gone but about 80% reduced.
I drank ACV and honey in the afternoon. Currently it is 10 pm and I have not had any pains at all whole day.

Thur.  Oct 1
It has been several days since I did the ACV wrap. So far, the pain has not come back, even though i went cycling and even had to run after a couple of dogs. The knee "feels" weird inside, though, like it is weak or unstable.
I went to see my osteopath. Dr. Carry Speece, today, and she checked the knee and said that my fibula was misalighed or something. She has corrected the placement, amd I am hoping this will solved the issue more permanently. However, the wrap did work for me,

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