Sunday, January 5, 2014

Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey

I caught a cold from a co-worker, and came down with a number of symptoms: fever, inflamed throat, runny nose, wet "ripping" cough, and, of all things, back pain.

"DEFEND"  Cough and Cold by Hyland's took the edge off on the first night, but many symptoms persisted, esp. very sore throat and sneezing.

I started to just swallow little bits of raw unfiltered honey, and immediately my throat got better. But I kept craving something very sour. The real breakthrough came when I mixed my honey with apple cider vinegar to make kind of runny golden syrop. That got me on my feet overnight and the next day I hardly had any symptoms at all. Very good stuff, and the flavor is not bad.

My throat was a little sore on day 3, but after that I was symptom-free, except for cough. This is still lingering even after 2 weeks. I stopped doing the honey/vinegar solution on day 3.

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